As an enterprise environmental liability management platform, ENFOS has seen data from tens of thousands of remediation projects across the last two decades. Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed something: the remediation industry is changing the way it leverages information technology.

From unified “super-processes” to creative collaboration methods, new trends are emerging and are resulting in new standards of remediation management performance. So, what are these modern remediation teams doing differently?

We present to you a free 1-hour webinar titled The 5 Essential Information Management Trends in Remediation. Roger Well, COO and VP of ENFOS, illustrates 5 impactful ways that leading remediation teams are managing their portfolio and project data today.

If you work with managing environmental liabilities, it simply isn’t a presentation to miss. Learn why these cutting-edge strategies are driving the forefront of the remediation industry.

The trends consist of:

  • Institutionalizing Knowledge Management
  • Convergence of Technologies
  • Data “Ownership vs Possession”
  • Hybridization of Business Process Management
  • Rapid Emergence of Machine Learning

Enjoy the presentation below:

Download the slide deck here.